The 4 Funniest Mistakes We've Encountered (and Made) This Week


“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

I promise I’m not giving you an English lesson. In fact, I have made many of these mistakes myself, and without acknowledging our mistakes, we can’t learn from them. Laughing them off always helps me too. I understand that not everything has to be grammatically perfect in scriptwriting, because we speak differently than we write.

However, we...

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The Benefits of Automation: Can They Apply to Product Demos?

We generally think of automation as a way to save time. And we often only think about automating tasks that make us want to pull our hair out with frustration or boredom. This is because in most of our minds, the purpose of automation is to save us from the boring tasks we don't want to be doing!

Saving us time (and from boredom) is one of the greatest benefits of automation. But it isn't the

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The First 3 Steps to Making Your Promotional Video

There are so many different types of marketing videos these days, it’s hard to keep track of what purpose each type is trying to serve. When I asked a coworker/sales exec what he thought of when he heard promo video, he said, “Promo videos make me think of cheesy. People in costumes, mascots…” Does that match with what you think of when hearing promo video?

There’s a time and a place for...

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The Difference Between Scripts for a Training Video and a Product Demo Video


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The New Sales Methodology: 3 Key Relationships

By Hilary Bird, Marketing at DemoChimp@Hilbonix 

Today’s sales world is a lot different than it was 100 years ago. The thing is, salespeople haven’t really updated their sales methodologies to deal with these changes. One of the biggest challenges they’re facing is building trust and healthy relationships with their prospects - also known as trust based selling. But how can that still be a...

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App Update: Introducing Demolytics

We recently made a significant release to our system! We're excited to introduce you to the new analytics you will see throughout the app.

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How Much Demo Do You Really Need?

By Peter Cohan, Founder and Principal of The Second Derivative

Imagine you’ve decided you need to improve your sales forecast and pipeline management system – you are using Excel today and it just isn’t sufficient anymore.  You’ve just started to explore what kinds of new tools are available and what options they provide.  What level of demo do you need in this situation?

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4 Tips to Finding a Useful Reseller Partnership


Source: Flickr Alfonso Pierantonio, Licensed under CC

One of the most frequent preoccupations (and stresses) of SaaS leadership is how to expand reach and sell to more people...Distribution...Even in the best managed sales groups, there is a limit on the number of leads that you can reach. Often, software companies turn to strategic partners and resellers to gain broader market exposure....

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How Demo Automation is the New Printing Press


The printing press revolutionized the world by making knowledge easily and quickly accessible to anyone. Before its arrival, all written material had to be hand copied. So how does that relate to smart demo automation? Because demo automation is also making knowledge available to the world at an exponentially faster rate than before, and at an insanely lower cost. But before we jump into...

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What are Product Integrations and How Can They Be Useful to You?

By Scott Rafferty @Scott_Rafferty

These days product integrations are one of those buzz terms you hear about on an almost-annoying frequency. Well, there’s a good reason for that - product integrations are a great way for you improve your product offering, increase the value of your solution, and open up new customer markets. In short, product integrations are a great thing, and we’ll tell...

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