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The Benefits of Automation: Can They Apply to Product Demos?

We generally think of automation as a way to save time. And we often only think about automating tasks that make us want to pull our hair out with frustration or boredom. This is because in most of our minds, the purpose of automation is to save us from the boring tasks we don't want to be doing!

Saving us time (and from boredom) is one of the greatest benefits of automation. But it isn't the

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The Difference Between Scripts for a Training Video and a Product Demo Video


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App Update: Introducing Demolytics

We recently made a significant release to our system! We're excited to introduce you to the new analytics you will see throughout the app.

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3 Most Common Mistakes in B2B Sales Leadership: Mistake #1

You might say there are dozens of reasons (or shall we call them ‘excuses’) when we don’t lead our teams to sales success. But when I look at my experience, I’ve picked what I consider the top three culprits that I believe have the biggest impact:

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When is the Right Time for a Live Product Demo?

Source: Flickr, Hiking Artist, licensed under CC

There are many different sales methodologies out there in the world and all of them claim to have the most effective sales approach. To name a few, theres solution selling, challenger selling, trust selling, scientific selling, and strategic selling.  To name a few more, there's SPIN selling, AIDA selling, needs satisfaction selling,...

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Zapier Review: Brilliant SaaS Back Office Automation

How do you add a MailChimp contact into the HighRise CRM? Or, how do you get an invoice from Chargify into QuickBooks Online? These are just two examples of the challenge of integrating web-based applications.

Because SaaS (Software as a Service) is web-based, one of its primary benefits is the ability to integrate with other SaaS products, theoretically making your life easier. This is...

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Delivering Effective Product Demos Tip #1: Don't Demo


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Fundraising: A Necessary Evil or Rigorous Learning Opportunity?

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Embracing Entrepreneurship: Finding Yourself

Know thyself. -- Inscription on Ancient Greek Temple

This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man. -- Shakespeare (Polonius in Hamlet)


No risk, no reward. 

It's true. I am obsessed with startups. And pretty much only startups. After the startup phase I get a little bored. No, a lot bored. And if I'm...

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Demo Automation: Making Sales 3x More Productive

Doing live product demonstrations is such an area of inefficiency in the sales process that you can gain amazing increases in productivity using demo automation. Using self service product demo videos for at least part of your product demonstration process will pay big dividends. We're not saying demo automation means you will never do a live demo again (although that's possible and may be...

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