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    Buyer Enablement - Utilizing Prescriptive Selling Techniques

    How can you utilize prescriptive selling techniques? What the figures show Prediction is king Design a ‘prescription’ for your customer Understand the point of prescriptive sales...

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    Effective Pre-sales Activities for the Win in B2B Sales

    How do you make your pre-sales activities more effective? Utilize analytics Marketing assistance Digital customer experience Integration across departments  

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    Digitization Vastly Improves the B2B Pre-sales Cycle

    What should companies understand about digitization? Why the B2B industry should embrace digitization How B2B suppliers can successfully digitize their companies  

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    Buyer Enablement — Who's Really Making the Sale? (The Answer Might Surprise You)

    Who actually makes the sales in your sales process? The internal champion Benefits of having an internal champion Ensuring your internal champion performs well  

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    3 Reasons Salespeople Love Sales Enablement Tools

    What are the reasons salespeople love sales enablement? It saves them time It helps them stay up-to-date It lets them have more valuable relationships  

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    What Are Sales Enablement Tools and How Do You Use Them?

    What are sales enablement tools and how do you use them? They generate more than just leads They provide you with new information They help you stay ahead of your customers ...

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    3 Tricks to Offering Gimmick-free Special Deals

    What can you do to offer appealing special deals? Offer a beta trial Offer an upgrade Give something special to the champion buyer Use flash sales promotions  

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    Four More Benefits to Sales and Marketing Alignment

    What other benefits are there to sales and marketing alignment?  

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