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    Salespeople to Sales Engineer Ratio Trends

    What should every B2B company know about sales engineers? Understanding the role of a sales engineer Availability is key, presentation volume drives need How to scale sales...

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    Understanding the Difference Between Sales and Pre-sales

    What is the importance of pre-sales? The role of pre-sales in the B2B world Pre-sales engineers The role of technology in pre-sales: Interactive demos  

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    Digitizing B2B Companies Can Make Sales Soar

    How does digitization impact your sales team?  

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    Choice Isn't Always a Better Thing

    What’s new in the B2B sales landscape? The Sales Cloud Understanding the Sales Process Focusing on Personalization  

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    Buyer Enablement — Keep the Conversation Going

    What should you keep in mind when integrating buyer enablement into your sales process? The sales process has changed Trust is key Keep the conversation going  

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    7 Types of B2B Marketing Videos—and When to Use Them

    What are the seven primary types of B2B marketing videos? Webinar Instructional/Demonstrational Testimonial Interview and Q&A Story Telling Video Showcase Vlog  

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    Finessing Failure

    What are some common sales mistakes and how can you learn from them? Missing sales goals Losing the sale Not understanding the customers  

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    3 Tricks to Offering Gimmick-free Special Deals

    What can you do to offer appealing special deals? Offer a beta trial Offer an upgrade Give something special to the champion buyer Use flash sales promotions  

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    Two Reasons to Use Video for Sales

    Why should you use video for sales? Video shows instead of tells People are more receptive to video than longer-form content  

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