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    Is Your Sales Content Personal But Still Sending Mixed Messages?

    If you're in Sales, you might feel like a closed sale is harder to get than ever before. But it’s not necessarily your fault. Chances are, the buying group is also complicating...

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    How to Get Customized Content to Buyers Before Sales Can Arrive

    By now, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a salesperson who doesn’t extol the virtues of being able to deliver customized content to their prospective buyers.

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    Consensus Buying is Stalling Solution Selling and Disrupting Go to Market Strategy

    "It’s important to note that a majority of B2B sales reps miss a huge opportunity every day.  This is usually not based on a lack of intelligence, but on a flaw within many...

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    The Truth About Breaking and Building Mental Models

    To build B2B buying consensus, you don’t need to continually refine how customers perceive you. What customers need is a significantly more refined view of how they perceive...

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    CEB: Don't Sell, Coach Instead

    It’s not enough to just sell when your prospects have already heard the same features and benefits spiel from all of your competitors.

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    It Is Not Enough to Have a Sales Champion

    You did it. You finally found a person in the company who is genuinely excited to talk to you about your solution. But guess what? That’s not enough anymore.

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    It’s not you, it’s them: 5.4 stakeholders create group buying dysfunction

    If you had a hunch your B2B sales job was getting more difficult, new research proves you’re right.

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    CEB's New Book, The Challenger Customer, Unlocks Group Buying Consensus

    Have you ever been in a group trying to decide where to eat or which movie to see? Easy, right? Wrong.

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