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    Buyer Enablement: Can You Change a B2B Buyer’s Mind With Counterfactuals?

      Are you selling in a highly competitive environment? If so, one of your constant battles is persuading your prospect to switch from the status quo to your solution. We all...

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    Why You Should Ignore Elon Musk's Advice to Entrepreneurs

    Find out why the CEO of Consensus rejects Elon's Musk advice to entrepreneurs with this article on Linkedin on October 31, 2017.

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    Remember, Buyers are People Too

    This may sound simplistic, but too often we think of buyers as prospects, leads, champions, future customers instead of thinking about them as people. People like you and me. It’s...

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    The Power of Buyer Empathy in B2B Sales

    In Celeste Headlee’s now famous TED talk “10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation” she says, “Most of us don’t listen with the intent to understand. We listen with the intent to...

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    3 Tips for Accelerating B2B Sales

    What tips can be used to accelerate B2B sales? Cater to the decision-makers in the buying group Let clients help you Meet your buyers where it counts  

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    3 Tricks to Offering Gimmick-free Special Deals

    What can you do to offer appealing special deals? Offer a beta trial Offer an upgrade Give something special to the champion buyer Use flash sales promotions  

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    But What About the Buyer?

    What are the things that you should know about the buyer? B2B buyers are usually teams Help your buyers with this two-step process There are numerous sales enablement tools...

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    Two Reasons to Use Video for Sales

    Why should you use video for sales? Video shows instead of tells People are more receptive to video than longer-form content  

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    Four More Benefits to Sales and Marketing Alignment

    What other benefits are there to sales and marketing alignment?  

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    3 Things B2B Sales Can Learn from Relationship Marketing

    While the job of a B2B sales rep is focused on closing a deal, taking a prospect to becoming a customer, it's good to keep relationships ongoing even after they reach customer...

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    3 Reasons to Use SLA's in Your Sales Process

    Hopefully, most of you are already leveraging SLA's (Service Level Agreements) in your sales deals. Without them, you run the risk of unsatisfied customers, unsatisfied employees...

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    Buyer Enablement: 3 Scenarios for Taking Charge of the Buying Process

    Click here to read the first installment in our Buyer Enablement series

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    Buyer Enablement: Why Modern Sales Leaders are Switching Gears

    What is Buyer Enablement? Well, first let me ask you two seemingly obvious questions about B2B sales:

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    B2B Sales Prospecting: Get Prospects to Qualify Themselves

    How do you get prospects to qualify themselves? Problem Temporary solution Solution Reason  

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    What Does AI Mean for B2B Sales?

    What can AI bring to B2B sales? Personalization Data Sources Buyer empowerment Brand patronage Insight  

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