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    The B2B Sales Prospecting Epidemic: The Underlying Cause

    How do you handle the reality that 90% of buyers in your market aren't looking to buy? Or even more, aren't aware they have the exact problem that your solution could fix? Jim...

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    7 Reasons We Should Focus on Enabling the Buyer, Not the Seller

    Why should you focus on enabling the buyer? Reduce the buying cycle timeline Ensure accuracy Simplify interactions Build relationships Keep it concise Keep it comprehensive ...

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    5 B2B Sales & Marketing Leaders Share Their Epic Fail Stories in the Spirit of FAILFAST17

    "I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and...

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    Marketers: 3 Free Visual Design Tools You Need to Use

    Why Do Images Matter in Marketing Content? As we talked about in our post on mastering marketing images, content is king in the world of marketing. But every piece of content –...

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    Hell in the Hallway: How to Make Faster Decisions

    "Where are you?" my wife said, waving her hand in front of my face. "Where did you go?" Well, to answer her question, I was lost in the labyrinthine paths of a difficult...

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    CEB: The Six Shifts Behind the Digital Transformation of Business

    "Avoiding change, though, is impossible. And these next few decades will be an era of sweeping change. One of the biggest and most disruptive forces behind all this change is...

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    Buyer Enablement is the New Sales Enablement

    What is B2B Buyer Enablement and how does it differ from Sales Enablement? Well let's start with the obvious - Buyer Enablement focuses on the buyer and their needs, whereas...

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    Stop Wasting Your Gifts by Doing Mindless Repetitive Demos

    I remember the moment I began to envision what eventually became Consensus. I was running my last tech startup, selling B2B software, and I had just finished six straight...

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    Navigating Decision Dynamics Along The Customer’s Journey

    "Adaptive fluency is what makes the difference between good and great in these different situations: salespeople’s ability to quickly adjust their activities, behaviors,...

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    How to Sell to a Complex Buyer

    Overcoming group buying dysfunction and enabling your internal champion to sell are the most important topics for us at Consensus. On that note, CEB recently hosted a sales...

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    Group Buying Dysfunction - Not Just a Sales Thing

    Do you know what’s the biggest roadblock facing B2B sales today? Group buying dysfunction. It is dragging out sales cycles for months and months, or worse - results in a ‘no...

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    5 Must-Read Books for Startup Leaders

    I love running our sales acceleration startup Consensus. Having to constantly sprint up the learning curve is one of the things that I like best about being a founder. And...

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    How to Land a Microsoft Deal in 3 Weeks: Consensus + Zapier + GoToWebinar = Qualified B2B Sales Appointments BEFORE Your Webinar

    Like most companies, you probably produce regular webinars of one kind or another. That's great. But I want to share a little secret to how we get qualified sales appointments...

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    Single, Standard & Advanced Sales Demos…When to Use What?

    Consensus offers multiple ways in which you can leverage video content. We like to break these down into three different types of “demos”:

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    Startup Leadership: Stop Doing Things and Get More Done - Becoming a Multiplier

    When we launch startups, we wear every imaginable hat possible. Good leaders ask, "How can I do more?", but great leaders ask, "How can I do less?" As startup leaders we do a...

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