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    Quote Roller Review: Why Our Sales Account Exec Loves It

    As a SaaS sales person, sometimes I ironically feel at odds with the technology at my disposal that is supposed to make my life easier. I seem to spend too much time fussing with...

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    Drive B2B Sales Close Rates by Personalizing the Message to Each Person on the Buying Panel

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    The Failure in Demo Sales and Marketing Automation

    By Scott Rafferty, CBDO at Consensus, @Scott_Rafferty Sales and marketing automation is evolving at a breakneck pace.  Each automation system is getting more complex by the...

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    The Benefits of Automation: Can They Apply to Product Demos?

    We generally think of automation as a way to save time. And we often only think about automating tasks that make us want to pull our hair out with frustration or boredom. This...

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    The New Sales Methodology: 3 Key Relationships

    By Hilary Bird, Marketing at Consensus, @Hilbonix  Today’s sales world is a lot different than it was 100 years ago. The thing is, salespeople haven’t really updated their sales...

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    Infographic: The History of Selling

    Here at CONSENSUS™, we firmly believe that demo automation is the next big thing.  It fills in the gaps between sales and marketing automation and streamlines the way businesses...

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