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    Reach the Global Market: Send Personalized Demos in a Prospect’s Native Tongue

    If you’ve ever traveled outside the United States, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered a new culture, language, and people. If you’re like me, you probably went shopping...

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    Why is No One Talking about Video for Sales?

    Business2Community recently cited media content marketing as one of the B2B marketing trends to look out for in 2017. They write, "It’s easy to see why video and photos are...

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    Using "Intra-viral" Automated Demos to Discover and Engage the B2B Buying Group

    How can we leverage the concept of something "going viral" in B2B sales? Isn't this usually a marketing thing? To close B2B sales faster, we need to discover and engage the...

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    Dynamically Personalized Demo Videos = Shorter Sales Cycles

    What once was a clear line between where marketing ended and sales began, has become less and less defined in today’s B2B world. As customer’s buying behaviors have drastically...

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    The B2B Sales Team that Never Talks to a Bad Lead

    Ben Cohen (Wall Street Journal), recently wrote an article titled "The Basketball Team that Never Takes a Bad Shot", profiling the Pine City, Minnesota (USA) high school...

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    Startup Leadership: The Principle of Primary Focus

    There are a lot of reasons new startups don’t work out: interpersonal bickering among founders, undercapitalization, lack of validation in product market fit, unbridled...

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    3 Biggest SaaS Sales Tips to Impact My Career

    I’m not a sales leader or seasoned vet with years of experience. I am a student of sales, three years into my time at CONSENSUS working with pros specializing in the B2B sales...

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    Qualtrics Insight Summit: Highlights from Beats by Dre CMO

    Omar Johnson, CMO of Beats by Dre, took the stage at Qualtrics Insight Summit last week in Salt Lake City. He shared some incredible insight into the business and marketing...

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    Sales: Is It Time to Rethink End-of-Month Strategy?

    "End-of-month selling behaviors common to most business-to-business sales organizations have a negative impact on overall sales win rates and deal sizes." These were the findings...

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    Group Buying Dysfunction in B2B Sales: It’s Still a Problem

    Remember when CEB revealed last year that the average buying group size had jumped from 5.4 stakeholders to a staggering 6.8 - with predictions that number would only continue...

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    Sales and Marketing: Personalize to the Persona or Person?

    Personalization is the latest buzz word in the world of B2B marketing and sales. We’ve come to realize that mass generic emails and cold calls with blanket sales pitches not...

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    What Personalized Sales Content Really Means

    We're obsessed with the concept of "personalizing" everything nowadays. As more B2C marketing and selling strategies seem to bleed into B2B strategies, personalization is no...

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    Accelerate Pipeline Production: The Power of Personalized Demo Automation in Pre-Sales

    While all the glory may be in the closed deal, we can’t forget that the effort we invest in marketing and pre-sales is what landed us the seat at the table in the first place....

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    Three Levels of Branching Demo Automation

    The patented branching demo automation technologyy that drives CONSENSUS enables prospects to self-select their way through personalized video demo of your product or solution...

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    What Do B2B Buyers Care About?

    I previously wrote that if you don't start thinking like buyers, your close rate will plummet. I said, sparking some controversy, that there are no such thing as complex...

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