7 Reasons We Should Focus on Enabling the Buyer, Not the Seller

7 Reasons We Should Focus on Enabling the Buyer, Not the Seller
May 23, 2017


Why should you focus on enabling the buyer?

  1. Reduce the buying cycle timeline
  2. Ensure accuracy
  3. Simplify interactions
  4. Build relationships
  5. Keep it concise
  6. Keep it comprehensive
  7. Social influence


Understanding how your buyers follow their purchasing strategy is a critical element in your B2B sales strategy, regardless of the service or product you are selling. Many companies, especially mid- to large-sized enterprises, rarely have a single decision maker. Instead, they have teams of coordinated sector leaders who each contribute relevant department data to the purchasing process. Sales enablement tools such as The Consensus Studio software program gives you the technology you need to enable your contact with not just product information but also programming that will engage the company's entire buying team.


Reduce the Buying Cycle Timeline

Reduce the Buying Cycle Timeline

Getting from “we are interested,” to “we are in!” can take weeks or months if you leave your product pitch up to your company contact. The Consensus Studio platform allows you to create a digital demonstration of your product that your contact can share with corporate colleagues. Data gleaned from your conversations with the company's representative informs the elements of the demo so that it includes information that is critical to all key decision makers, not just the one with whom you've been speaking. Your contact can share not just information about your product, but also how it will alleviate the company's pain points.


Ensure Accuracy

Ensure Accuracy

You've shared with your prospect all the value and benefits that your product offers, but you can't be sure about how or even if that person will convey the data accurately to his or her purchasing team. The Consensus Studio demo eliminates the possibility of misrepresentation because it contains the data, insights, and conclusions that you entered. Your contact will be satisfied too because he or she won't be required to memorize product details. Instead, they can show their colleagues how the product will perform according to their specifications.


Simplify Interactions

Today, B2B sales are all about guiding your prospects throughout their buying process. Most buyers believe that they know what they want, that if ever they want is what they need. Some of them think that their concerns can easily be solved by a random sales enablement tool out there when in reality, they need a different solution! Not only does Consensus Studio store all the information that your buyer will need, but it can also be used to present and stylize the data into simple and easy to understand formats, all for the sake of reducing complexity between the interaction of the buyer and the seller!


Build Relationships

Build Relationships

B2B sales have come a long way. No longer will you see businesses actively looking for one-time business partnerships. Relationships where two entities benefit from one another — that is something that a lot of businesses prefer these days. B2B transactions work in a slightly similar way, mostly resulting in the success of both the organizations and the buyer team and sales rep since they’re the ones that technically started it all.


Keep it Concise

The old ways of selling placed a heavy emphasis on hard-selling—proving that your product is the best choice because of these specific reasons. If it’s not something that you’re looking for, here’s a bunch of other things that would probably interest you more. This won’t work anymore, not for the past decade almost. You don’t have to prepare a long speech on why your buyers should patronize your product, rather you should let your buyers tell you what they need, and adjust based on the data you get.


Keep it Comprehensive

Buying decision delays occur when only one or a few members of a multi-member buying team receive product data. The Consensus Studio platform is digital, so the entire team can gather to view it together, or each member can access it at their leisure. The software also tracks who watched the demo video and when they watched it; collects any input they might offer, then shares those comments and insights with other team members. By aggregating all data into a single dashboard, each member of the team can see how the other team members experienced the product. Instead of taking days or weeks to gather and analyze team thoughts, the software collects, analyzes, and presents conclusions within minutes.


Social Influence

Social Influence

Most buyers almost always expect that the salespeople already know a lot about their needs before they even begin their transactions. A lot of companies that have high social media presence believe that they already publicize themselves too. With the same logic, they assume that sales representative already knows of all the information that they made widely available. But that isn’t enough. Social media may provide you with a lot of publicly known information, but the relevant information is still with the purchasing team. They have the most concrete idea of what they want and need, all you have to do is to guide them through their own buyer funnel. Let the buyer take the wheel while you just help them navigate!


Key Takeaway

If you're interested in speeding your sales efforts and maximizing your productivity, enabling the buyer and not the seller should be of great help. Try out our sales enablement tool and consider creating a product demo at our website today!

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