5 B2B Sales & Marketing Leaders Share Their Epic Fail Stories in the Spirit of FAILFAST17

"I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." - Michael Jordan

As our sales and marketing event, FAILFAST17, nears closer on June 15th, we thought it'd be fun to share short epic fail stories from other B2B sales...

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Join us at FAILFAST17 - Let's Talk Failure


We can all agree that listening to people share epic fails is far more entertaining than hearing their success stories....of course, both have their place...but why not celebrate failure as much as success? Failures are often the building blocks that make up any great success. That's why Consensus is hosting a sales and marketing event dedicated to sharing, and learning from, our failures

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CEB: The Six Shifts Behind the Digital Transformation of Business

"Avoiding change, though, is impossible. And these next few decades will be an era of sweeping change. One of the biggest and most disruptive forces behind all this change is digitization, and the faster companies stop resisting and work out ways to take advantage of it, the more likely they are to still be operating 15 or 20 years from now." - CEB

Times are a changin'. CEB recently shared...

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Buyer Enablement is the New Sales Enablement

What is B2B Buyer Enablement and how does it differ from Sales Enablement? Well let's start with the obvious - Buyer Enablement focuses on the buyer and their needs, whereas Sales Enablement focuses on the sales rep and their needs. But if you're trying to close a deal, the only one with full control over the sale is the buyer - so shouldn't we be focusing on their needs the most?

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Stop Wasting Your Gifts by Doing Mindless Repetitive Demos

I remember the moment I began to envision what eventually became Consensus. I was running my last tech startup, selling B2B software, and I had just finished six straight demos, back to back with no interruption. I was exhausted and thought, "I just did the same demo over and over, except that I modified it on the fly based on prospect input. There has GOT to be a way to automate this!"

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Navigating Decision Dynamics Along The Customer’s Journey

"Adaptive fluency is what makes the difference between good and great in these different situations: salespeople’s ability to quickly adjust their activities, behaviors, messages, and strategies when situations are new, changed, or becoming even more complex." - Tamara Schenk, CSO Insights

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How to Sell to a Complex Buyer

Overcoming group buying dysfunction and enabling your internal champion to sell are the most important topics for us at Consensus. On that note, CEB recently hosted a sales leader conference where Jill Konrath, Lori Richardson, Brent Adamson and Nick Toman got together to discuss the complexity of selling to today's buyers. Because we can't resist sharing insights when some of the best minds...

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How to Land a Microsoft Deal in 3 Weeks: Consensus + Zapier + GoToWebinar = Qualified B2B Sales Appointments BEFORE Your Webinar

Like most companies, you probably produce regular webinars of one kind or another. That's great. But I want to share a little secret to how we get qualified sales appointments BEFORE the webinar is even held. In fact, this is how we landed our first deal at Microsoft in just three weeks.

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Single, Standard & Advanced Sales Demos…When to Use What?

Consensus offers multiple ways in which you can leverage video content. We like to break these down into three different types of “demos”:

  1. Single Video - Your typical explainer, YouTube, straight lined video.
  2. Standard Demo - One layer of “personalized branching”. After a short intro video, you can have a selection screen asking your viewer to mark what is interesting to them. Depending on how...
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Reach the Global Market: Send Personalized Demos in a Prospect’s Native Tongue

If you’ve ever traveled outside the United States, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered a new culture, language, and people. If you’re like me, you probably went shopping for souvenirs at the local artisan markets. The exchange at a local market is not much different than the exchange you might experience on a sales call. You are the prospect and are in search of that special something to...

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