Buyer Enablement is the New Sales Enablement

What is B2B Buyer Enablement and how does it differ from Sales Enablement? Well let's start with the obvious - Buyer Enablement focuses on the buyer and their needs, whereas Sales Enablement focuses on the sales rep and their needs. But if you're trying to close a deal, the only one with full control over the sale is the buyer - so shouldn't we be focusing on their needs the most?

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Navigating Decision Dynamics Along The Customer’s Journey

"Adaptive fluency is what makes the difference between good and great in these different situations: salespeople’s ability to quickly adjust their activities, behaviors, messages, and strategies when situations are new, changed, or becoming even more complex." - Tamara Schenk, CSO Insights

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How to Sell to a Complex Buyer

Overcoming group buying dysfunction and enabling your internal champion to sell are the most important topics for us at Consensus. On that note, CEB recently hosted a sales leader conference where Jill Konrath, Lori Richardson, Brent Adamson and Nick Toman got together to discuss the complexity of selling to today's buyers. Because we can't resist sharing insights when some of the best minds...

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