Webinar: Buyer Enablement Is the Only Strategy That Matters

Webinar: Buyer Enablement Is the Only Strategy That Matters
November 5, 2019


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Get the definitive crash course in Buyer Enablement.

Ever feel like you struggle to discover or engage all the relevant stakeholders - like you're selling in the dark?

Does misalignment in stakeholder priorities ever bomb your deals?

Or how about when your enthusiastic champion butchers the pitch internally?

Have you ever had that unknown stakeholder nuke your deal at the last minute?

B2B sales is all about the buying group, and Gartner says their job is becoming nigh on impossible.

And therein lies the greatest opportunity in B2B sales today. Make their experience easier and you'll close more deals - faster.

Buyer Enablement is the practice of empowering your internal champion to close the deal when you’re not in the room. Come and learn how to discover, engage, personalize, and coach your buying group more effectively. The more you focus on and coach the buyers, the faster your deals get done.

Presenter: Garin Hess, Founder and CEO of Consensus

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