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    Why Sales Should Pitch In on Company Content

    It's a common issue. Sales and Marketing don't collaborate enough on the creation and sharing of company content. It stalls sales and causes delays in meeting company goals.

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    Why You Should be Using Video Demos at The Bottom of The Sales Funnel

    Nothing beats the engagement rate of video in sales and marketing. According to a post on, studies show that 59% of senior executives prefer video over text...

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    3 Rules to Follow Before Sending Your Script to a Voice Actor

        Source: Flickr   Recently, I have taken on a fairly new role. I don’t just write the scripts for our automated product demos, I also prepare them for the voice actor and...

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    The First 3 Steps to Making Your Promotional Video

    There are so many different types of marketing videos these days, it’s hard to keep track of what purpose each type is trying to serve. When I asked a coworker/sales exec what...

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    3 Questions to Ask Before Making a Marketing Video

    Whether you’re an enterprise company, a small startup or a one-man show, any size company can benefit from producing marketing videos. Video has become one of the hottest forms of...

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