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    The Hidden Gems From Sales Engineering Research

    Since the 2021 SE Compensation and Workload Report was released earlier this year, you’ve probably  thought about the trends developing in the Presales sector. One thing is...

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    Webinar: No Value Selling Approach is Too Risky for Sales Engineers

    As a key member of the revenue team, SEs should take strategic risks. For some this means finding new ways to approach value selling. For others it means not be afraid to ask...

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    2 Gaps to Bridge in order to Scale Presales

    For more than two years, “scaling presales” has topped the list of hot button challenges that leaders—presales and sales—have tried to solve. 

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    Webinar: Change Before You Have To: Leading the Presales Transformation Inside Your Organization

    Our Presales profession is undergoing a major change. Are you thinking of, or in the thick of, trying to lead your organization through the Digital Presales transformation? If...

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