Webinar: No Value Selling Approach is Too Risky for Sales Engineers

Webinar: No Value Selling Approach is Too Risky for Sales Engineers
September 17, 2021


As a key member of the revenue team, SEs should take strategic risks.

For some this means finding new ways to approach value selling. For others it means not be afraid to ask direct questions or avoid client objections early in the sales process.

So what risks should SEs take during the deal cycle? What are appropriate actions? Patrick Pissang, CEO, Founder, and lead SE trainer of SalesHero GmbH, gives an overview of where SEs can and should take risks in situations where the risk would make a tactical deal a strategic one. Join us as we uncover some of these risks and what they could mean for your career path as a Sales Engineer and your role in the Presales transformation. 
Some of these include:
  • Removing the logo slides
  • Leading the deal with a vision / provocative point of view
  • Doing Lazy POC (have the client do the implementation)
  • Push back on RFPs
  • Make »give 2 get« a core principle; value exchange when somebody throws something at you
  • Social: post about your ideas (could reference my book that comes out in September)
  • SE clichés – e.g. the projector is not running, call the SE

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Garrett Erickson

Garrett Erickson

Garrett is an experienced marketing professional who focuses on revenue, enables sales teams, effectively communicates value propositions, and drives measurable results. He utilizes his deep understanding of sales and procurement processes to create engaging content that supports business development efforts. He's also passionate about empowering companies and employees to give back to their communities in creative and innovative ways.

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