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    Hilary Bird

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    Finessing Failure

    What are some common sales mistakes and how can you learn from them? Missing sales goals Losing the sale Not understanding the customers  

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    3 Reasons to Make Your Marketing More Agile

    The concept of Agile Marketing has been around for a while - but executing it is much rarer to hear about. Which is funny, because it's actually much easier than more traditional...

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    Join us at FAILFAST17 - Let's Talk Failure

    We can all agree that listening to people share epic fails is far more entertaining than hearing their success stories....of course, both have their place...but why not celebrate...

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    Demand Gen's B2B Marketing Exchange: Top 3 Takeaways

    It seems every conference or trade show has sessions that leave people feeling inspired, motivated and intrigued — and then the ones that leave people thinking, “how’d that make...

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