5 Must-Read Books for Startup Leaders

I love running our sales acceleration startup Consensus. Having to constantly sprint up the learning curve is one of the things that I like best about being a founder. And reading books to learn from others is one of the fastest ways to improve ourselves and make progress faster.

So here are the five books that I believe will have a greater impact on your success as a startup leader than any...

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How to Land a Microsoft Deal in 3 Weeks: Consensus + Zapier + GoToWebinar = Qualified B2B Sales Appointments BEFORE Your Webinar

Like most companies, you probably produce regular webinars of one kind or another. That's great. But I want to share a little secret to how we get qualified sales appointments BEFORE the webinar is even held. In fact, this is how we landed our first deal at Microsoft in just three weeks.

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Single, Standard & Advanced Sales Demos…When to Use What?

Consensus offers multiple ways in which you can leverage video content. We like to break these down into three different types of “demos”:

  1. Single Video - Your typical explainer, YouTube, straight lined video.
  2. Standard Demo - One layer of “personalized branching”. After a short intro video, you can have a selection screen asking your viewer to mark what is interesting to them. Depending on how...
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Startup Leadership: Stop Doing Things and Get More Done - Becoming a Multiplier

When we launch startups, we wear every imaginable hat possible. Good leaders ask, "How can I do more?", but great leaders ask, "How can I do less?" As startup leaders we do a lot manually (if we're smart) before we invest the time to automate things that are unproven. But as we grow we need to multiply ourselves because we're just not scalable. "If only I could duplicate myself," we think.

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How We Used Video to Drive $44K From Our Unsubscribers

As a marketing or sales professional, you're aware of the power of email marketing for lead generation. Part of email marketing is unsubscribers; people opting out of email campaigns. Our marketing team's thought was: can anything be done to salvage some of this traffic?  Is there anything we can do to get our solution in front of those who are unsubscribing, yet don’t understand that our...

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Reach the Global Market: Send Personalized Demos in a Prospect’s Native Tongue

If you’ve ever traveled outside the United States, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered a new culture, language, and people. If you’re like me, you probably went shopping for souvenirs at the local artisan markets. The exchange at a local market is not much different than the exchange you might experience on a sales call. You are the prospect and are in search of that special something to...

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Why is No One Talking about Video for Sales?

Business2Community recently cited media content marketing as one of the B2B marketing trends to look out for in 2017. They write, "It’s easy to see why video and photos are becoming more and more common with time as inexpensive tools for creating a variety of rich media become increasingly available and affordable." And as cited in a presentation from Act-On at Demand Gen's B2B Marketing...

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Using "Intra-viral" Automated Demos to Discover and Engage the B2B Buying Group

How can we leverage the concept of something "going viral" in B2B sales? Isn't this usually a marketing thing? To close B2B sales faster, we need to discover and engage the buying groupmore quickly. To do this, create and send sales content to your key sponsor or champion and they naturally to share with other stakeholders in their buying group.

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Dynamically Personalized Demo Videos = Shorter Sales Cycles

What once was a clear line between where marketing ended and sales began, has become less and less defined in today’s B2B world. As customer’s buying behaviors have drastically changed, so have their expectations. The traditional sales model of marketing handing off an opportunity to sales simply no longer works.  Your customers don’t care whether your role is marketing or sales, all they care...

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The B2B Sales Team that Never Talks to a Bad Lead

Ben Cohen (Wall Street Journal), recently wrote an article titled "The Basketball Team that Never Takes a Bad Shot", profiling the Pine City, Minnesota (USA) high school basketball team. He says, "The NBA's most efficient offenses seek out layups and threes. [This high school] takes the idea to the extreme."

Pine City reduces their mid-range shots to only 4.2% of their game, instead taking...

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