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Emotional ROI, Part 1: The Risks of B2B Buying

What do you sell? Is it a product? A solution?

No matter what you physically sell, I can tell you this: what you really sell is the pain of change.

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The 7 Components of B2B Group Buying Decisions

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How to Handle the Fear of Failure When Building a Successful Startup (Or in Any Situation)

Eric Reis, in his book “The Lean Startup”, defines a startup as “a human institution designed to create a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty.” As a serial entrepreneur that is constantly building something new in this environment of extreme uncertainty, potential failure is always right around the corner. A few days ago I met a young college graduate from my alma...

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Drive B2B Sales Close Rates by Personalizing the Message to Each Person on the Buying Panel

What is the biggest problem with B2B sales? It’s not your sales techniques, your systems, or your people. It is the “buying panel”. Businesses buy from other businesses in groups—it’s a collaborative social activity. On average, every B2B buying panel includes 4 to 5 decision makers. This many decision makers makes it difficult to reach consensus on the purchase decision. Close rates suffer....

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3 Things We Can Learn from George Washington about Sales Leadership


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Taking Control of the B2B Sale: How One Oracle Salesperson Closed a Career-Making Deal

By Garin Hess, Founder and CEO of DemoChimp@Garin_Hess

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B2B Sales Leadership Mistake #3



In B2B sales, many salespeople believe their job consists of the following: set up appointments, then once in the appointment, ask a few questions, demonstrate the product or solution, answer the prospect’s questions, then provide a price quote. If the price seems right, the...

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Mistake #2: Spending Too Much Time Away from Decision Makers

In my last post in this series on mistakes in sales leadership, I wrote about Sales Mistake #1: Not Giving Up Soon Enough, where we dissected the opportunity cost inherent in carrying sales conversations forward with prospects that aren’t going to go anywhere.

Mistake #2 is similar: every minute you spend with someone that isn’t the decision maker is a minute you could be spending with the ...

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Product Demo Videos Increase Conversions up to 85%

You spend a lot of money and energy bringing people to your website. How do you get them to sign up? Did you know there is mounting evidence that product videos can dramatically increase your conversion rates?

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5 Crucial Tips to Recording the Best Product Video

Recording a software product video can be intimidating. In the coming weeks and months, we hope to post lots of tips and tricks to make the process easy. Today, we’ll focus on the actual recording of the product.

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