Startup Leadership: The Principle of Primary Focus

There are a lot of reasons new startups don’t work out: interpersonal bickering among founders, undercapitalization, lack of validation in product market fit, unbridled optimism (a friend of mine calls it “Hopium”), not enough optimism, poor execution, bad decisions due to group think, and the list goes on.

But what do successful startups do that most don’t? Execution. Traction. Progress. In a...

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3 Biggest SaaS Sales Tips to Impact My Career

I’m not a sales leader or seasoned vet with years of experience. I am a student of sales, three years into my time at CONSENSUS working with pros specializing in the B2B sales arena. I am also a literal student of sales at Weber State University, so everyday I’m absorbing new sales tactics from both a theoretical and hands-on approach that I can put to the test in my job. I’m sharing the top...

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Qualtrics Insight Summit: Highlights from Beats by Dre CMO

Omar Johnson, CMO of Beats by Dre, took the stage at Qualtrics Insight Summit last week in Salt Lake City. He shared some incredible insight into the business and marketing world of Beats by Dre., and what it means to market with emotion. Check out the highlights:

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Sales: Is It Time to Rethink End-of-Month Strategy?

"End-of-month selling behaviors common to most business-to-business sales organizations have a negative impact on overall sales win rates and deal sizes." These were the findings from's most recent sales study - and they have us thinking hard about how we handles sales at the end of the month. 

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Demand Gen's B2B Marketing Exchange: Top 3 Takeaways

It seems every conference or trade show has sessions that leave people feeling inspired, motivated and intrigued — and then the ones that leave people thinking, “how’d that make it as a session? There was nothing new in there.” I’m happy to share that as my first time attending B2B Marketing Exchange, I had more of those inspired feelings than the latter. I particularly liked the the way that...
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Group Buying Dysfunction in B2B Sales: It’s Still a Problem

Remember when CEB revealed last year that the average buying group size had jumped from 5.4 stakeholders to a staggering 6.8 - with predictions that number would only continue to increase? Some recent trends, including blending sales and marketing efforts and personalization at scale have helped remedy some of the problems arising from group buying dysfunction. But there’s still a lot more to...

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Sales and Marketing: Personalize to the Persona or Person?

Personalization is the latest buzz word in the world of B2B marketing and sales . We’ve come to realize that mass generic emails and cold calls with blanket sales pitches not only don’t work, they reek of laziness.  It’s no secret that B2B customers are shopping around just as they would for any other big purchase, such as a car or television. They are doing their research and educating... Read More

What Personalized Sales Content Really Means

We're obsessed with the concept of "personalizing" everything nowadays. As more B2C marketing and selling strategies seem to bleed into B2B strategies, personalization is no exception. Which is very smart, because at the end of the day, you still need buy-in from individual people - regardless if it's B2C or B2B. And each of these people needs a personalized message that conveys unique value...
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Accelerate Pipeline Production: The Power of Personalized Demo Automation in Pre-Sales

While all the glory may be in the closed deal, we can’t forget that the effort we invest in marketing and pre-sales is what landed us the seat at the table in the first place. Pre-Sales is essentially everything that has to come together before a sale can happen. Sounds so simple, but it grows more complex when you start to juggle each customer’svarying verticals, technologies and components....

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Three Levels of Branching Demo Automation

The patented branching demo automation technology that drives CONSENSUS enables prospects to self-select their way through personalized video demo of your product or solution and then sends notifications and proprietary data back to the sales team to give further insights into what is driving the prospect's interests. We call these demo analytics and insights Demolytics®.

Dynamically driven...

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