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    What Information Do Buyers Want Most from Sales Teams? Demos Are #1

    When you are researching a new technology purchase, what do you want to see as quickly as possible? A demo. So does everyone else apparently. Recent research from Gartner shows...

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    Impartner: PRM Solution Increases Leads by 10x Using Consensus

    The Consensus platform helped the Impartner marketing team solve many of their day-to-day challenges while proving, through analytics, that a demo automation strategy works....

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    Enterprise Customer: Company Sees 68% Shorter Sales Cycle Using Consensus

    This enterprise customer is a cloud-based software company that is part of a multibillion-dollar global enterprise. As with many sales opportunities, selling software into offices...

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    CleanTelligent: SaaS Increases Close Rates 20% Using Consensus

    CleanTelligent is a widely successful software company. Still, they experienced some sales obstacles including giving repetitive product demos that didn’t address real business...

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