2 Reasons Why You Need to Cut Your Demo from 2 Hours to 11 Minutes

2 Reasons Why You Need to Cut Your Demo from 2 Hours to 11 Minutes
December 18, 2013


By Katie Anderson, Lead Scriptwriter at  Consensus@KMussman

When you’ve done demos for years, it may seem a little odd to suddenly decide to take it from a two-hour presentation to an eleven-minute (or less) video. That’s a big jump! There are a lot of questions that go along with this. Won’t we miss important messaging opportunities? Won’t the client miss out on the one-on-one interaction? Coming from an outreach background, I used to give live demos all of the time. So, I understand your apprehension—but cheap jerseys since starting at Consensus, I’m a believer in the eleven-minute (or less) demo and here are two reasons why.



When I was little, divas I had a hard time with patience (I might still wholesale jerseys China sometimes), and my mom would always comment on me being a member of the “microwave generation.” Say what? You heard me correctly, the microwave generation. Throughout our lifetimes, technology has been evolving at a high rate. We’re used to getting everything we want right now (much like food from a microwave). Your prospects want what they want as quickly as possible. With an automated product demo, you give them the option to see what parts of the video they want to see and give it to them in bite-sized pieces (excuse the food analogy). So, rather than giving your client a three course meal right away, you’re letting them sample the cuisine, and decide if they want more (note: in my experience, engaging videos always make them want more). That leads me to more of my mother’s advice; in writing, always leave your audience wanting more. The twenty-second introduction, the one-minute long features, and thirty-second short features are the perfect way to leave your audience “wanting more.”



Sales guys can rest a little easier now that I’ve cleared the air. No, we’re not trying to replace you or your demo. We are simply trying to give you Juristresursen a tool to accelerate your sales process.

The Consensus player does a vast array of things including delivering leads, insights into your prospects’ priorities, and much, much more. We’re simply trying to give you more insights into what to target when talking to a prospect and to leave them wanting more. Again, leaving your prospects wanting more makes it so they want to contact you for a full demo and when they do, you know exactly what they are most interested in when it comes cheap jerseys to your product. So, the shorter video as an introduction can get the prospects to come to you and be excited about your product. I don’t know КАТОЛОГ about you, but that would’ve made my life a lot easier in my last Business job.

So, don’t just take my word for it!  Take a look for yourself. There are many other reasons why a shorter demo from Consensus can benefit you. Take a look at our automated product demo, and let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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