Developing Personas for Buying Panels

A lot of importance has been placed on the development of “buyer personas” over the last 10 or so years.  For those unfamiliar with buyer personas, they are fictionalized representations of ideal customers based on marketing research and customer insight.  More simply, they represent your desired customers.  Personas have worked great for content marketers and have become common practice in...

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Contacting Leads and the Science of Selling

Several years ago did an important study about the best way to contact web leads. We all know how it works: someone signs up on our website – maybe for a free trial, a white paper, etc. – and we get (hopefully) a notification that we have a new lead. "New lead!" you think. "Great... just another person I won't be able to reach." And because you're busy, probably working on...

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2 Reasons Why You Need to Cut Your Demo from 2 Hours to 11 Minutes

By Katie Anderson, Lead Scriptwriter at DemoChimp@KMussman

When you've done demos for years, it may seem a little odd to suddenly decide to take it from a two-hour presentation to an eleven-minute (or less) video. That’s a big jump! There are a lot of questions that go along with this. Won’t we miss important messaging opportunities? Won’t the client miss out on the one-on-one interaction?...

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