3 Best Marketing Practices for Webinars

As talked about in my last post, webinars have been growing in popularity as they help educate prospects and help marketers qualify those prospects.

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A Marketer's Confession: Why I Love Webinars

According to ON24, the average webinar lasts one hour. Can you guess how long, on average, attendees stay tuned in?

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Drive B2B Sales Close Rates by Personalizing the Message to Each Person on the Buying Panel

What is the biggest problem with B2B sales? It’s not your sales techniques, your systems, or your people. It is the “buying panel”. Businesses buy from other businesses in groups—it’s a collaborative social activity. On average, every B2B buying panel includes 4 to 5 decision makers. This many decision makers makes it difficult to reach consensus on the purchase decision. Close rates suffer....

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How Do Sales and Marketing Mix in a Product Demo?


Before I started at CONSENSUS™ I worked in many different capacities. I did journalism, retail, outreach, being a law assistant, and marketing. I loved all of my jobs. Most people understood what my jobs were about when I told them I was in journalism or retail. However, whenever I included marketing in my job description, people would get confused. Some people would assume I meant public...

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The Failure in Demo Sales and Marketing Automation

By Scott Rafferty, CBDO at DemoChimp@Scott_Rafferty

Sales and marketing automation is evolving at a breakneck pace.  Each automation system is getting more complex by the minute, and being able to decipher what each one actually does is becoming more and more difficult.  When I talk about demo automation, a question I hear often is, “how is demo automation different from sales and...

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DemoChimp: A Sales Tool for Marketers

I work in the social and digital marketing department at DemoChimp. Being a startup, it’s pretty exciting to test what strategies work as we organically grow our online presence.

One of our tests has been to use DemoChimp in our efforts. Using DemoChimp in our marketing strategy has proven to be one of the most effective ways to bring in qualified leads for our sales team.

As we’ve said...

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Bridging the Gap Between Marketing Automation and Sales

It wasn’t too long ago that marketing automation was just an idea.  Now, it's as normal in business as email.  It allows companies to automate and scale their lead gen activities as well as provide all kinds of useful analytics (lead scoring, drip campaigns, etc.).  All of which are designed for the purpose of generating sales opportunities for sales reps.

The problem is it doesn’t really...

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Prospecting and Selling with Demo Automation

At CONSENSUS™, we talk a lot about demo automation, what makes a great demo, how to leverage your demo in social media, how to make your live demo more effective, etc. Something we haven’t talked much about is how to use Demochimp, or more generally, demo automation tools, for sales prospecting. In Leveraging Your Product Demo With Social Media, we talked about how the product demo is...

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3 Ways to be a Good - No, Great - Scriptwriter


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A Couple Tricks to Master Marketing Images


Images: the King of Content

In today’s social content marketing world, image-based content is king (even for B2B marketing strategies). In an environment where consumers that have more options than ever, more knowledge than ever, less time and shorter attention spans, using images to capture attention is one of the tried and true ways of catching their interest for just the split second...

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