4 Things I Learned from My Mistakes at Zinch

By Sid Krommenhoek, Managing Partner at Peak Venture Capital, @krommenhoek

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Emotional ROI, Part 2: Selling the Pain of Change


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Conversations Drive Dreamforce

Working for an ad agency early in my career gave me the opportunity to dive into a variety of client industries. One client was the Gina Bachauer International Piano Competition, which takes place once every four years in Salt Lake City. Competitors from China to Cuba perform forty-five minute long concertos to demonstrate their mastery of the instrument and the music. At the competition I...

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Emotional ROI, Part 1: The Risks of B2B Buying

What do you sell? Is it a product? A solution?

No matter what you physically sell, I can tell you this: what you really sell is the pain of change.

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The Big Mo: 10 Principles for Creating a Culture of Execution


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How to Handle the Fear of Failure When Building a Successful Startup (Or in Any Situation)

Eric Reis, in his book “The Lean Startup”, defines a startup as “a human institution designed to create a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty.” As a serial entrepreneur that is constantly building something new in this environment of extreme uncertainty, potential failure is always right around the corner. A few days ago I met a young college graduate from my alma...

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Mistake #2: Spending Too Much Time Away from Decision Makers

In my last post in this series on mistakes in sales leadership, I wrote about Sales Mistake #1: Not Giving Up Soon Enough, where we dissected the opportunity cost inherent in carrying sales conversations forward with prospects that aren’t going to go anywhere.

Mistake #2 is similar: every minute you spend with someone that isn’t the decision maker is a minute you could be spending with the ...

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Researching Your Competition to Build Your Business

Businesses who want to distinguish themselves from competitors often tend to intentionally place out of mind and sight other companies whose products or services compete with their own.  This happens for several reasons.  Executives may be afraid of giving credibility or publicity to competitors by acknowledging them.  New startups or companies that are emerging against larger opponents are...

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4 Tips to Finding a Useful Reseller Partnership


Source: Flickr Alfonso Pierantonio, Licensed under CC

One of the most frequent preoccupations (and stresses) of SaaS leadership is how to expand reach and sell to more people...Distribution...Even in the best managed sales groups, there is a limit on the number of leads that you can reach. Often, software companies turn to strategic partners and resellers to gain broader market exposure....

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What are Product Integrations and How Can They Be Useful to You?

By Scott Rafferty @Scott_Rafferty

These days product integrations are one of those buzz terms you hear about on an almost-annoying frequency. Well, there’s a good reason for that - product integrations are a great way for you improve your product offering, increase the value of your solution, and open up new customer markets. In short, product integrations are a great thing, and we’ll tell...

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