Explainer Videos Versus Demo Automation


WordStream defines explainer videos as, “short online videos used to explain your company’s product or service”. Their purpose is to educate your audience on what you’re offering in a short and sweet manner. An explainer video is less lengthy and in-depth than a product demo, but more thorough than a promo video. A reported 76% of marketers plan to increase their...

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Embracing Entrepreneurship: Finding Yourself

Know thyself. -- Inscription on Ancient Greek Temple

This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man. -- Shakespeare (Polonius in Hamlet)


No risk, no reward. 

It's true. I am obsessed with startups. And pretty much only startups. After the startup phase I get a little bored. No, a lot bored. And if I'm...

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Demo Automation for Marketers

Demo automation is an excellent example of sales 2.0: a thick blend of sales and marketing systems working together to generate, qualify, and close leads.  We've already looked at how account executives and prospectors can use demo automation, but now we'd like to shine the light on marketers.  Demo automation helps marketers educate, nurture, and qualify leads for the sales team (as well as...

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Demo Automation: Making Sales 3x More Productive

Doing live product demonstrations is such an area of inefficiency in the sales process that you can gain amazing increases in productivity using demo automation. Using self service product demo videos for at least part of your product demonstration process will pay big dividends. We're not saying demo automation means you will never do a live demo again (although that's possible and may be...

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CONSENSUS™: More Than a YouTube Demo

When it comes to sales and marketing videos, YouTube has become the go-to platform and the platform that all other ones are measured against. Why? Because YouTube is free, simple, and popular. When telling prospects about CONSENSUS, we hear a lot of: “why would I use CONSENSUS when I can use YouTube and get the same thing for free?” Simply put, you’re not getting the same thing. We've talked...

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