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Sales Development: The Hottest Job in Sales Right Now

By Hilary Bird, @hilbonix, @goconsensus

b2b sales, sales developmentSince when did Sales Development become the new thing in B2B sales? Methodologies, best practices and even jobs seem to be blossoming at a ferocious rate in Sales Development. But you know what? It's for good reason. It's for good reason because sales isn't what it used to be - rather than fighting this change and keeping the status quo (because it's what we know), we need to adjust.

Why Sales Development?

Trish Bertuzzi of The Bridge Group recently shared what she sees as the two big waves colliding in B2B sales: the number of options and solutions available to prospects, and the number and diversity of prospects involved in the average B2B purchase decision. Trish further elaborated on the problem of a growing purchase decision group: "The buyer has become the buying unit, and is quickly growing into the buying battalion. Just about any single sale process seems to require dozens of yeses and risks running aground in the face of a single no. These two waves are changing the way B2B selling and buying are done." 

This is where Sales Development comes into play as the enabler to your sales team. Sales needs someone solely focused on generating new pipeline, and someone to provide them with the right tools and content for their prospects. But that raises some questions: how does Sales Development go about finding the right tools and content for their sales team? And how does Sales Development help their sales team deal with a bigger buying group?

Help Sales Dev Overcome Bigger Buying Groups

At Consensus, we're equipping sales dev teams with an automated video demo platform. You can upload as many videos as you want; whether they're professionally done or filmed from your home webcam. Sales reps use the videos as a way to educate their prospects on what their company does, and on the back-end, sales reps get live updates and analytics on how their prospects are interacting with the demos. Because the demo videos are interactive and designed as a "choose your own journey" for prospects, the prospects feel that they have control of their buying journey by tailoring the content to what they know they want to learn about. This takes the guesswork out for sales reps.

But most importantly, we're helping to solve group buying dysfunction in the world of increasingly bigger buying groups. The demo videos are shareable and trackable, so as one sales rep sends a demo video to one prospect, that prospect shares it internally with the rest of their buying group - and each buying group member tailors the demo to what they care about. On the back end, the sales rep sees how each person interacted with the demo. This means that by the time they're on the phone together, the sales rep knows who the buying group is, what each of them cares about, and it makes for a much more meaningful conversation.

So how are you equipping your sales dev team? See how we're doing this by clicking the "Watch Demo" button below.

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