Contacting Leads and the Science of Selling

Several years ago did an important study about the best way to contact web leads. We all know how it works: someone signs up on our website – maybe for a free trial, a white paper, etc. – and we get (hopefully) a notification that we have a new lead. "New lead!" you think. "Great... just another person I won't be able to reach." And because you're busy, probably working on...

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10 Tips for Twitter Business Marketing

Why Use Twitter for Business Purposes?

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2 Reasons Why You Need to Cut Your Demo from 2 Hours to 11 Minutes

By Katie Anderson, Lead Scriptwriter at DemoChimp@KMussman

When you've done demos for years, it may seem a little odd to suddenly decide to take it from a two-hour presentation to an eleven-minute (or less) video. That’s a big jump! There are a lot of questions that go along with this. Won’t we miss important messaging opportunities? Won’t the client miss out on the one-on-one interaction?...

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