Embracing Asynchronicity in Your Sales Processes


What is Asynchronicity?

The term asynchronicity has become quite the buzzword in the software and technology world. Put in customer terms, asynchronous technology gives the ability to do things on their terms, on their time, and in the way they want it done. Within the sales and marketing process, there is a great deal of this going on. When a person goes to read a post on your blog, or when...

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Demo Automation for Marketers

Demo automation is an excellent example of sales 2.0: a thick blend of sales and marketing systems working together to generate, qualify, and close leads.  We've already looked at how account executives and prospectors can use demo automation, but now we'd like to shine the light on marketers.  Demo automation helps marketers educate, nurture, and qualify leads for the sales team (as well as...

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Demo Automation: Making Sales 3x More Productive

Doing live product demonstrations is such an area of inefficiency in the sales process that you can gain amazing increases in productivity using demo automation. Using self service product demo videos for at least part of your product demonstration process will pay big dividends. We're not saying demo automation means you will never do a live demo again (although that's possible and may be...

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Demo Video Scripts: 7 Steps to Better Script Writing


Source: Flickr, Pete O'Shea, Licensed under CC

Great writing is a key ingredient to making an awesome demo video. Since becoming a scriptwriter for product demos, I have made it my mission to become a script writing expert. Maybe you’re thinking about hiring someone to write a script for you and you need to know what to expect, or perhaps you’re thinking of going it alone and need...

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CONSENSUS™: More Than a YouTube Demo

When it comes to sales and marketing videos, YouTube has become the go-to platform and the platform that all other ones are measured against. Why? Because YouTube is free, simple, and popular. When telling prospects about CONSENSUS, we hear a lot of: “why would I use CONSENSUS when I can use YouTube and get the same thing for free?” Simply put, you’re not getting the same thing. We've talked...

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Developing Personas for Buying Panels

A lot of importance has been placed on the development of “buyer personas” over the last 10 or so years.  For those unfamiliar with buyer personas, they are fictionalized representations of ideal customers based on marketing research and customer insight.  More simply, they represent your desired customers.  Personas have worked great for content marketers and have become common practice in...

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Contacting Leads and the Science of Selling

Several years ago InsideSale.com did an important study about the best way to contact web leads. We all know how it works: someone signs up on our website – maybe for a free trial, a white paper, etc. – and we get (hopefully) a notification that we have a new lead. "New lead!" you think. "Great... just another person I won't be able to reach." And because you're busy, probably working on...

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10 Tips for Twitter Business Marketing

Why Use Twitter for Business Purposes?

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2 Reasons Why You Need to Cut Your Demo from 2 Hours to 11 Minutes

By Katie Anderson, Lead Scriptwriter at DemoChimp@KMussman

When you've done demos for years, it may seem a little odd to suddenly decide to take it from a two-hour presentation to an eleven-minute (or less) video. That’s a big jump! There are a lot of questions that go along with this. Won’t we miss important messaging opportunities? Won’t the client miss out on the one-on-one interaction?...

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