10 Tips for Linkedin Business Marketing

LinkedIn and B2B Marketing:

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3 'You Should Be Fired' Product Demo Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them:

Photo CC: Sean MacEntee

Product demos are likely the most important interaction you will have with prospects throughout the sales process. So why are so many demos flat-out boring? How are millions of sales folks still just giving nuts-and-bolts walk-throughs, when purchase decisions are so clearly emotional? Is it because it's easier? More convenient? At CONSENSUS™, our mission is to make...

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3 Ways Script Writing Changes the Sales Process

Alright, so I may be slightly biased, but I love scriptwriting. I’ve mentioned in previous posts my background and my love for writing. However, scriptwriting is a very different beast than journalism or even marketing writing. In my time at CONSENSUS™, I have fallen absolutely head over heels for it. It’s entertaining, helps our clients sell more, and creates consistency for your sales team.

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3 Rules to Follow Before Sending Your Script to a Voice Actor

Source: Flickr

Recently, I have taken on a fairly new role. I don’t just write the scripts for our automated product demos, I also prepare them for the voice actor and submit them. Writing scripts was not a huge transition, but preparing a script for a voice actor has been a huge learning experience. There’s a lot more to it than I ever imagined. It entails a lot of time, money, and in...

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Are Product Demos Killing Your Profits?

Sales professionals are always looking for ways to speed up their sales operations, increase conversion rates, and improve efficiency. One aspect of the sales process that has been resistant to change is the product demo.  We’ve talked about his quite a bit in previous articles such as The Sales and Marketing Automation Engine, but we’ve like to drill in deeper.  Over the course of this blog...

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Demo Automation for Account Executives

Earlier this week we looked into the overall demo automation methodology and how to use it in your sales prospecting.  Today we are going to dig deeper into how account executives should use demo automation, when lead handoffs should occur, how to ensure leads are qualified, and several sales scenarios for using demo automation.

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Demo Video Scriptwriting: Which Script Type Makes Sense for You?

By Katie Anderson, Lead Scriptwriter at DemoChimp, @KMussman

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What is Demo Automation?

One of the most inefficient, costly, and time consuming steps in the sales process is the dreaded and infamous live product demonstration (usually known as the demo). Ask any B2B sales professional if their demos are an efficient part of selling and they’ll almost always respond with a resounding “No.” However, there are two sides to the demo coin. When they tell you how time consuming and...

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Use Adobe Illustrator to Create Videoscribe Whiteboard Animation Videos

A Fun, Instructional Post from CONSENSUS™

Not to brag or anything, but we have some seriously talented people here at CONSENSUS™.  One of those talented people is Ben Accinelli, a graphic and video design ninja.

Ben was kind enough to share some of his talent in the form of a video tutorial that explains how to take an image from Adobe Illustrator, work some crazy magic on it, and have that...

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How to Sell Your Boss on Demo Automation

By Hilary Bird, Marketing at DemoChimp@Hilbonix 

You’re a salesperson with the drive to increase both your productivity and your sales team’s productivity. You really want to see your company do better than it’s ever done before. You know the tools that are needed to improve efficiency; the hard part is selling it to your boss.

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