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SaaStr: The 48 Types of VP Sales. Make Deadly Sure You Hire the Right One.

"Many VP of Sales are NOT good at competitive sales.  That may be fine depending on your market.  But if your market is extremely competitive, make sure your VP Sales comes out of that background.  Folks out of Salesforce, for example, are great at many things. Competing in my experience is not one of them."

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Cut Through the Red Tape of Buying Agreement for B2B Buying Decisions

"When I think of red tape, what I think about immediately for a B2B complex sale - and marketing automation is definitely complex - I think about consensus. Consensus is hard to get. With the growing number of people (43% increase in stakeholders per IDC) involved in a B2B buying decision, 34% say it's so, getting all of them to buy-in to a decision is requiring more effort."

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7 Data-Backed Sales Best Practices

"Many of you have likely heard the analysis by Corporate Executive Board that B2B customers have completed nearly 60% of their purchasing decisions before ever speaking with a supplier. This has forced marketers and their organisations to change how they participate in the digital buying process. Unless organisations understand what this digital buying process is, along with the buying...

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The Challenger Model and Sales Enablement - Better Together

"We know that a key component of effective Challenger selling is process discipline, and the Sales Enablement platform, well, enables a big portion of the required discipline. It plays a strong role in finding the right stakeholder in the customer organization, helps engage them with disruptive insight, and equips them to effectively challenge their own organization."

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7 Signs You Need a Sales Enablement Solution

By Hilary Bird, Marketing Manager @DemoChimp, @Hilbonix

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4 Practical Steps for Better Sales Technology Adoption

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Why Building Buying Consensus is No Longer a Sales Problem

As a sales professional, it never gets easy when you finish giving a demo to a prospect and they respond with, “thanks, this is great, let me share it with the rest of my team.” At that point, you’ve lost control of the sale. You’re now reliant on their selling capabilities to pitch it to the rest of their team, as well as you did to them.

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You won't believe the boost sales enablement content gives to these key metrics

A recent article on SmartSellingTools.com caught our attention. It cited a study where sales enablement practitioners were asked what activities were included as part of their function. 90% of the respondents claimed “Identifying/implementing sales productivity tools” while 80% claimed “Making sure sales teams can find content” as part of their responsibilities.

You can see how important...

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The Big Mo: 10 Principles for Creating a Culture of Execution


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3 Best Marketing Practices for Webinars

As talked about in my last post, webinars have been growing in popularity as they help educate prospects and help marketers qualify those prospects.

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