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Three Levels of Branching Demo Automation

The patented branching demo automation technology that drives CONSENSUS enables prospects to self-select their way through personalized video demo of your product or solution and then sends notifications and proprietary data back to the sales team to give further insights into what is driving the prospect's interests. We call these demo analytics and insights Demolytics®.

Dynamically driven...

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What Do B2B Buyers Care About?

I previously wrote that if you don't start thinking like buyers, your close rate will plummet. I said, sparking some controversy, that there are no such thing as complex sales…only complex purchases. To do that we need to get into the mind of the buyer.

So what do buyers care about?

First of all, no matter how big the sale is, buyers are still people. That is the first rule in all of sales is...

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The Sales Black Box: Are You Tracking Demo Analytics?

By Garin Hess, Founder and CEO of Consensus, @garin_hess


"Once they see it, they're hooked." That's a phrase I hear a lot. I can't think of a single sales leader that would not agree that delivering a great demo to a prospect helps increase the chances that the deal will close. Sales teams spend thousands of hours in live demos engaging in one of the most data rich activities, but...

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Your B2B Close Rate is Going to Crash (Unless You Adapt)

By Garin Hess, @garin_hess

Garin Hess is a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of hands-on in-the-trenches sales and marketing experience. He has presented at dozens of conferences, founded 2 software companies, and is currently the founder/CEO of Consensus, a personalized video platform that enables sales reps to drive agreement in B2B buying groups. For Garin, nothing else beats cooking...

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DemoChimp Raises $2.8M in Seed Funding

American Fork-based DemoChimp has raised $2.8 million in a seed funding round led by Peak Ventures, with participation from Albion Financial, Seed Equity, Select Venture Partners, Paul Ahlstrom, Scott Frazier, and Greg Schenk.

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DemoChimp (now CONSENSUS™) snags $2.8M so its customized sales demos can drive consensus

Salespeople are blessed with a number of tools these days to quickly prepare, present, and track customized sales materials for a prospect.

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DemoChimp in American Fork keeps B2B sales moving

So much of business currently moves at a lightning speed, and DemoChimp is one company that believes in its ability to help businesses to keep up.

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With $2.8M in Seed funding on hand, Consensus™ seeks to make sales demos more intelligent and accelerate the buying process

A Q&A with Consensus™ co-founder and CEO Garin Hess.

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How Do You Build Buying Consensus? Only Consensus Knows.

When a group of people must agree on a place to eat, disaster abounds. One person will inevitably try to choose McDonald's, just to see if there’s anyone else on earth who yearns for the mushy taste of Fish Bites (the correct answer: no). One person will try to choose Little Caesars because they only have two dollars to their name, but are too ashamed to admit it to their friends. And one person...

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Utah startup seeks to revolutionize sales with intelligent demo automation

DemoChimp, a technology startup company based in American Fork, Utah, developed a Software as a Service (SaaS) application that the company said shortens the business-to-business (B2B) sales cycle by as much as 68 percent and increases sales close rates by up to 44 percent. The company announced it raised $2.8 million in venture capital funding to foster the growth of their intelligent demo...

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