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Single, Standard & Advanced Sales Demos…When to Use What?

Consensus offers multiple ways in which you can leverage video content. We like to break these down into three different types of “demos”:

  1. Single Video - Your typical explainer, YouTube, straight lined video.
  2. Standard Demo - One layer of “personalized branching”. After a short intro video, you can have a selection screen asking your viewer to mark what is interesting to them. Depending on how...
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Group Buying Dysfunction in B2B Sales: It’s Still a Problem

Remember when CEB revealed last year that the average buying group size had jumped from 5.4 stakeholders to a staggering 6.8 - with predictions that number would only continue to increase? Some recent trends, including blending sales and marketing efforts and personalization at scale have helped remedy some of the problems arising from group buying dysfunction. But there’s still a lot more to...

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