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A New Way SDRs Will Help Close Enterprise Sales

This article was written by Ellen Lewis, an Enterprise Account Development Manager for Consensus. A version of this article appeared on LinkedIn Pulse.

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It's Time to Serve Relevant Content to Your Buyers

If you’re in Sales, you’ve probably told people in Marketing that you can never get enough great content to send out to prospects and buyers and keep them engaged. You’ve probably also given them your own recommendations of what

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Consensus is Listed as a Utah Tech Reputation Builder

We don't normally dedicate blog posts to tooting our own horn. But we're really pleased to see Consensus (as our previous iteration DemoChimp in the Pivotl article) garner some attention for being a Utah firm attracting investor attention in an already strong tech community.

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Two Forces that Help Customers Move Beyond Price

One of the more concerning aspects of the rising number of stakeholders involved today, is the difference between them. Most now come together from a variety of functions, regions, and roles to make a technology stack purchase decision.

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Infographic: The History of Selling

Here at Consensus™, we firmly believe that video demo automation is the next big thing.  It fills in the gaps between sales and marketing automation and streamlines the way businesses and consumers interact.  However, we recognize that we are far from the first people to work on improving sales interactions.  Many have come before us with the same intention: to fundamentally change the way...

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Infographic: Sales Funnels and Product Demos

The sales cycle can involve several different stages, including

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Infographic: Shortening the Sales Cycle with Demo Automation

Long sales cycles are at the top of the list of the most common issues that keep sales managers up at night. You start the month with a prospect pipeline that seems to have you primed for exceeding your sales quota, but then you get to the end of the month or quarter to find that the deals you expected are going to take longer, and some of them seem to have simply gone stagnant.

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How to Close a 70k Deal in 30 Days

One shared challenge that pops up in every sales executive’s game plan is the need to convert an inquiry-based contact (INQ) into a marketing qualified lead (MQL). An even more significant challenge is how to improve conversion rates—at scale—without growing headcount.

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How to Get Customized Content to Buyers Before Sales Can Arrive

By now, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a salesperson who doesn’t extol the virtues of being able to deliver customized content to their prospective buyers.

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How Technology Can Help Sales Teams Get on the Same Page

Your salespeople aren't robots.

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