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Being a Trusted Advisor is More Than Just Doing Your Homework

“Trusted advisor.”

This phrase is pounded into the heads of salespeople everywhere. Salespeople should go beyond just pitching and following up. They need to be the expert problem-solvers, knowledgeable guides that buyers need them to be.

Being a trusted advisor is, according to sales experts, what every salesperson should aspire to be in order to flourish in the new sales environment of...

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Is Real-time Sales Content Delivery Even Possible?

Yes. But let's back up a minute and look at the challenges.

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Timely Sales Questions We Aren’t Asking Prospects But Should

Recently we wrote about how salespeople tend to launch right into talking about their own products and services, without taking the time to listen to the buyer.

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Sales Should Stop Chasing Titles and Focus on This Instead

Often in sales, we work hard to get contacts within an organization. We shoot for the title that is highest on the totem pole, thinking that their power will be enough to drive a sale to close. But is this the best way to approach the new buying group, where over five people (on average) have the power to veto a sale?

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Become a Skilled Change Expert (or Sink Like a Stone)

"Come gather 'round Sales, 

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How to Increase Close Rates By Knowing Your Buying Group

Let’s say you’re in hot pursuit of that sale. You’ve wisely identified your mobilizer and taken the time to help them map out a compelling vision and a plan to share that vision with the rest of the stakeholders in the buying group.

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Is Your Sales Content Personal But Still Sending Mixed Messages?

If you're in Sales, you might feel like a closed sale is harder to get than ever before. But it’s not necessarily your fault. Chances are, the buying group is also complicating things too. They’re getting more diverse, representing more departments and teams than before. They’re getting bigger, having swelled to more than five people. And the bigger the group gets, the lower the likelihood of...

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Creating Engaging Sales Content Is Still a Major Challenge

Few marketers know customers the way that salespeople do.

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How the Skill of Driving Agreement is Changing B2B Sales [Video]

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Help Sales Serve Relevant Content to Prospects Automatically

If you’re in Sales, you’ve probably told people in Marketing that you can never get enough great content to send out to prospects and buyers and keep them engaged. You’ve probably also given them your own recommendations of what kind of content would allow you to get that next call, that next closed sale. And then you’ve probably been bombarded with emails, meetings, and newsletters, as...

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