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Group Buying Dysfunction - Not Just a Sales Thing

Do you know what’s the biggest roadblock facing B2B sales today? Group buying dysfunction. It is dragging out sales cycles for months and months, or worse - results in a ‘no decision’ deal, where your customer decides they’d rather just stick to the status quo. If you’re in marketing, you probably think you have no control over group buying dysfunction; seems like a sales problem. Your job is...

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Dynamically Personalized Demo Videos = Shorter Sales Cycles

What once was a clear line between where marketing ended and sales began, has become less and less defined in today’s B2B world. As customer’s buying behaviors have drastically changed, so have their expectations. The traditional sales model of marketing handing off an opportunity to sales simply no longer works.  Your customers don’t care whether your role is marketing or sales, all they care...

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Sales and Marketing: Personalize to the Persona or Person?

Personalization is the latest buzz word in the world of B2B marketing and sales . We’ve come to realize that mass generic emails and cold calls with blanket sales pitches not only don’t work, they reek of laziness.  It’s no secret that B2B customers are shopping around just as they would for any other big purchase, such as a car or television. They are doing their research and educating... Read More

Accelerate Pipeline Production: The Power of Personalized Demo Automation in Pre-Sales

While all the glory may be in the closed deal, we can’t forget that the effort we invest in marketing and pre-sales is what landed us the seat at the table in the first place. Pre-Sales is essentially everything that has to come together before a sale can happen. Sounds so simple, but it grows more complex when you start to juggle each customer’svarying verticals, technologies and components....

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Meet the Modern B2B Buyer(s)

Shelley Cernal of Knowledge tree recently wrote about the "Modern B2B Buyer," and 5 things salespeople need to know.

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Effective B2B Sales Tip: Rethink Your Overreliance on Email

If you’re a salesperson, chances are, you spend a lot of time in your inbox.

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Effective B2B Sales Tip: Learn the Art of the Personalized Demo

So much rides on sales demos, and so much can go wrong.

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Build Stakeholder Support: Add Something New, Relevant

Is there a secret sauce to build stakeholder support? What gets a large, diverse group of stakeholders to get behind one solution while they pass on others?

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Effective B2B Sales Tip: Add Value From the First Email

Want an effective B2B sales tip? Let's start with prospecting emails.

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Are Your Salespeople Breaking These Customer Laws?

Stop for a moment and think about your sales content.

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