3 Tips for Accelerating B2B Sales

B2B sales is one of the toughest jobs in town. Decisions are made by committee; potential customers rely on a variety of information, some of which may be incorrect; customers often do not even know when they are going to make a purchasing decision. Here are three guidelines that may help you find and secure your next deal.

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How to Embrace Failure in B2B Sales

No one measures our failures as critically as we do ourselves. As sales professionals, we enter selling opportunities with high hopes and clear expectations of a quick closure only to have potential buyers turn us down, close the door, and walk away. As difficult as failure feels, it can actually offer insights that will improve not just the next opportunity, but every opportunity after that....

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3 Tricks to Offering Gimmick-free Special Deals

B2B sales and marketing teams face the challenge of finding gimmick-free ways to offer special deals to clients. Often, it is difficult to make discounts or limited-time offers sound appealing when you are dealing with complex solutions, long sales cycles, and the involvement of multiple people. Most prospects are turned off by anything that comes across as a gimmick. Below are a few tricks to...

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But What About the Buyer?

Most sales-related mentoring focuses on improving the performance of the seller. The other half of the sales equation, however, is the buyer, and there's nowhere near as much guidance about engaging that half of the equation.

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2 Powerful Reasons to Use Video for B2B Sales

Using video in marketing is the talk of the town these days and for good reason. Video is cheaper and quicker to make than ever before, and it's also how a majority of our population consumes content (whether B2C or B2B). According to WordStream, 45 percent of people watch more than an hour of video on Facebook and/or YouTube per week. Additionally, more than 500 million hours of videos are...

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4 More Benefits to Sales and Marketing Alignment

When you're in B2B sales, you know how important it is for the transfer from marketing to sales to be smooth and efficient. When that process is clunky, it is very easy for once-promising leads to turn into useless prospects. However, if you align your sales and marketing strategies, you are likely to enjoy at least four benefits.

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3 Things B2B Sales Can Learn from Relationship Marketing

While the job of a B2B sales rep is focused on closing a deal, taking a prospect to becoming a customer, it's good to keep relationships ongoing even after they reach customer status. Like a good relationship marketer, just pinging clients every now and then is a great way to keep good rapport, instill a feeling of support, increase chances of renewals, and lower chances of high churn rate....

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3 Reasons to Use SLA's in Your Sales Process

Hopefully, most of you are already leveraging SLA's (Service Level Agreements) in your sales deals. Without them, you run the risk of unsatisfied customers, unsatisfied employees being asked to do more than what they thought was agreed upon, and even potential legal action. But outside of the obvious, here are a few other reasons why you should be leveraging SLA's in your sales process:

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Buyer Enablement: 3 Scenarios for Taking Charge of the Buying Process

Click here to read the first installment in our Buyer Enablement series

The first installement of the Buyer Enablement series covered what Buyer Enablement is, what it entails for both the sales rep and buyers, and what both of their roles are throughout the buying process. Now let's dive even deeper by laying out three common scenarios that B2B sales reps face, and how to approach them from a...

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Buyer Enablement: Why Modern Sales Leaders are Switching Gears

What is Buyer EnablementWell, first let me ask you two seemingly obvious questions about B2B sales:

  • Who is in charge of selling?
  • Who is in charge of buying?

Most would answer that the B2B sales team is in charge of selling and the prospect and any accompanying influencers and decision makers (aka the “buying group”) are in charge of buying.

It’s just the opposite. The B2B sales team is in...

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